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the Guajira

La Guajira

Traveling to the Guajira is without doubt a unique experience. There you will find beautiful beaches lost among the desert, its unforgettable landscapes, nature, culture and exquisite dishes that preserve the flavor from generation to generation. I want to show you the reasons why La Guajira should be your next destination; you will surely fall in love.

Its cultural wealth.

La Guajira is one of the Colombian regions with the greatest diversity of landscapes; you can enjoy the beauty of the Flamingos, the incredible views from the hill Pilon de Azucar, the best sunsets and the harmony of its people that always have a smile to offer.

Wayuu Handicrafts

Backpacks, blankets and hammocks are some of the items you can find to bring back home. Each fabric represents something typical of its region, for the Wayuú people more than a cultural practice is the way of expressing life as they feel, striking colors and geometric figures fused in the art of weaving.

Enjoy the sound of the sea in the Rancheria.

Even if it is not very comfortable to sleep in a hammock, you should enjoy this unique experience at least once in life. There you have the possibility to get in direct contact with the residents of this region, learn more about their customs and their gastronomy.

You will have the opportunity to eat a goat dish and to drink chicha and chirrinchi, typical drinks that are prepared based on fermentation of fruit peels.

You can also see and participate in the chichamaya dances. Long colorful costumes and face painting are representative acts of the culture.

Incredible views from the Pilon de Azucar

A place lost in the desert welcomes you with its majestic beach of ocher sands, its calm waters allow you to cool off after a long walk among cactus. There you will find a hill, in its upper part rests the statue of the Virgin of Fatima. This place is very significant for the Wayuu people, because the legend tells that this is where they manage to communicate with their ancestors. Many climb up the hill to leave offerings and make requests; others go up with the sole purpose of enjoying the breeze and the view that you can see from this place How to get?


Adventure on the beaches of Mayapo

Are you a water sports lover? Well, these beaches are ideal for you; their strong winds make millions of adventurous tourists come to the place to enjoy water sports.

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Music captivates you in Palomino

A place where music and cheerful, friendly and smiling people abound. Here music is the protagonist. It invites you to feel at home, but above all in a free and happy environment. Its people always welcome you with a smile on their face, synonymous that you will live the best holidays. There you can enjoy a very special activity called Tubing, which consists of a trip on the river that lasts approximately two hours and ends at the mouth of the sea. It is simply a true encounter with nature. The perfect opportunity to know the wonderful world that you have under your feet.

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Cabo de la vela

This is an obligatory trip in your journey through the Guajira, enjoying desert terrains full of beautiful landscapes and unique experiences. To reach this point is to dare to enjoy the magic that exists in the place; rituals, customs and many colors will leave in you an indelible mark. From this place, you can make an excursion to the waterhole

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Dunas de Taroa

It is amazing to see how much beauty falls on the same place. Just imagine crossing this desert of fine sand and reaching its peak to find the infinite blue of the sea that in turn unites with the blue of the sky, and that’s not all, if you observe these surrounded by green vegetation that form a perfect panorama.

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Recommended hotels:

– Hotel Waya Guajira

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A friendly land like its people, with an incredible gastronomic richness. Among the dishes that stand out the most are rice with seafood, the roasted goat, corn porridge, stewed venison, fried turtle and the Chirrinchi.

– Alcatraz Balcón Bar (Riohacha)
A place where you can enjoy a good atmosphere, good music and excellent views of the Caribbean Sea.


Puerto Estrella

Charming fishing village where you can enjoy the desert in its greatest splendor, and enjoy the rancherias and its people.

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Every year the Wayuu Culture Festival, one of the department’s main events, is held in this place. Through this festival, the inhabitants of the area can show the world its cultural richness, its folklore and its ancestral customs through rituals, dances, handicrafts and gastronomy.

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Montes de la Oca Nature Reserve

You can enjoy the streams and ravines that come from the reserve. You can go hiking and appreciate the great wealth of flora and Wildlife in this place. How to get?

Los Flamencos Wildlife and Flora Sanctuary

Its representative ecosystem, are the coastal lakes that are visited by large groups of flamingos. It also has tropical dry forest and mangroves, accompanied by a great wealth of flora and wildlife. In this sanctuary, you can find a variety of restaurants

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