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Adventure into the Amazon

Ever dreamed about putting on your adventurer hat and exploring the Amazon rainforest? Here’s your shot! Take an unprecedented journey deep into the heart of the world’s lungs and see for yourself why it has captivated imaginations for hundreds of years.

Embrace the humidity and dense green vegetation with all your soul. Here, the vibrancy of life can be felt as much as seen. Let it seep into you as you watch monkeys effortlessly leaping acrobatically across treetops and as you ponder how the pink and grey river dolphins evolved to become freshwater mammals over time. When you peer into the depths of the impressive river, marvel at how pirañas and anacondas co-exist with caimans in the same waters. Wonder at the adaptability that humans are capable of and how we have survived in the most extreme environments over time, while watching a local indigenous tribe perform a traditional dance and explain some of their customs.

View wasps and termites actively building their homes, leaf-cutter ants marching all over the ground showing off their strength, and spot a few sloths lazily chilling out in the branches above you. In the pauses between explanations and casual conversation, notice bird calls and songs filling the jungle air. If you look closely-but don’t touch! – you’ll perhaps be lucky enough to spot tiny, brightly coloured frogs hiding in amongst the leaves. This is one of the most biodiverse areas in the entire world and species have developed their individual defense systems to try and survive. This region is beyond description in power, beauty, and wonder.

Try unique fruits unlikely to be found outside the Amazon department as your guide educates you on the medicinal and culinary uses of plants. Have a go at fishing for pirañas using a traditional technique while out on the river in a little wooden boat. Then, be sure to sample some of the fish options on the menu at lunch and dinner times- all fresh from the river! In the world of the Amazon, nothing is impossible. It isn’t, however, completely about the natural beauty and incredible biodiversity, but also about the people who have lived there for millennium: learn about the history of the rubber tree trade and how it devastated a significant portion of the jungle as well as its people. Discover how resilience has led local tribes out of a dark past and how they are dealing with current changes to their environment.

Spend a night or two sleeping in cabanas standing on stilts over the water and take a night boat trip or a night walk through the jungle to see the nocturnal species. Listen to the difference of sounds between night and day- it is quite literally, night and day! In the day time, howler monkeys roar, parrots squawk, insects hum and screech, and smaller mammals pitter-patter around the forest floor. At night, the soft fluttering of bat wings mixes with the croaking of toads and squeaking and grunting of caimans. Gaze up at the stars in the clear night sky and let the moon light your path as you immerse yourself in the world of the Amazon.

Quindio, Caldas y Risaralda
Monkeys’ Island

Is another place that those who visit this department must see. There you can interact and feed those “curious” inhabitants. The town of Puerto Nariño is another key point of the journey, since there we can buy food and typical handicrafts from Colombia and Brazil, our neighbor country. To Puerto Nariño we can go after a short trip on the Amazon River on a boat. When the afternoon ends you may go up to the balcony and I am sure that you will fall in love with the Amazon, the sight of the sun setting is marvelous and it will stay in your memory.

Colección Náutica
Santander Park

You may also enjoy a spectacle in Santander Park in the middle of Leticia. You will be amazed by the special “song” of hundreds of parrots that every afternoon captivate the tourists and even the local dwellers that do not get tired of appreciating this natural symphony.

Colección Náutica

Remember, the visit to the Amazon will not be just another trip; it will be a journey to a unique place of the world where the cultural interaction with the communities that live in that zone and the incredible biodiversity it has will take you to an encounter with yourself.

Recommended hotels in Amazonas:

In terms of accommodation the Amazons gives the tourists a whole range of options from modern hotels up to native hotels of the region. Some are:

- Ecolodge El Almejal
- Choibana


- Manguare Touristic Cabins
– Maloca Napu
– Hotel Waira
– Decameron Decalodge Ticuna

In Leticia, an in the different towns there are several options of restaurants where you can find typical food of the region, meats and fast food. Some options are:

– Bar Restaurant Tierras Amazónicas
– Restaurant Mi Ranchito Parrilla Brasa


Ecological Park Mundo Amazónico

I recommend you the Ecological Park Mundo Amazónico (Amazon World). It is an ethno-botanical center that has 4 routes where you can learn more about the biodiversity of the zone, as well about the traditions of the native people that live in the zone. There you can learn of the different species of flora with specific properties and used by the Indians for different purposes.


Natural Reserve Tanimboca

The Natural Reserve Tanimboca is an ideal place to carry out different activities such as climbing a tree, canopying, watching of dolphins and living an authentic adventure riding a kayak in the rivers and streams of the jungle. You may also share with the Indian communities of the zone and learn more about the medicinal plants.



- Natural Reserve Marasha
– CaballoCocha


- Benjamin Constant
– Natural Reserve Palmari

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