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We are a team passionate about Colombia, we believe in tourism as a driver of social development, dynamization of local economies and source of employment generation in the regions where we impact. We have traveled our country for 13 years visiting each of the regions, validating services, hotels and attractions to ensure that your experience of traveling in Colombia is unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to get my flight on time?
For domestic flights you need to be 2 hours before the departure, and for the international ones, it is recommended to be 3 hours in advance.
What to do if I miss my transfer?
It is very important to have available the phone number of the tour company. In case you get to the destination, and you are not able to find your transfer. Please try to contact them by a pay phone. Otherwise try to get in touch with us by using our 24/7 assistance line.
What vaccinations are recommended to travel to Colombia?
To travel to Colombia, yellow fever vaccination is recommended. Specially if you are going to visit places such as Santa Marta, La Guajira, and the Orinoquia.
What should I do for special request during my flight?
If you need assistance during your flight, oxygen masks, special food, wheelchairs, etc. Please tell your travel agent before your trip, so they can request these services to the airline and set them in advance.
What do I have to do if my luggage gets lost?
This is unfortunate, but the staff in the airport will be always willing to help you, and to try to get your luggage back. In case it takes more than a day, and you have a traveler’s insurance service, please contact them to get their lost baggage support.
What if I get earlier to the destination?
According to the rules set by the hotels in Colombia, if you get earlier to the hotel you can access to certain areas, such as the lobby. But to have access to the restaurants, or the humid areas you will need to pay for early check in service.
How’s the accommodation if three people are sharing one room?
Usually in Colombia, hotels have two beds with double size for twin rooms, but it can change to a queen size and one standard, or a queen bed and a couch.
What is the best season to travel to Colombia?
Because Colombia is a tropical country, it is possible to visit it at any time during the year. Sometimes it gets rainy during October and November, but it changes according to the region you’re visiting.
What to do during christmas in Colombia?
This is a very big event for Colombians, light decorations and celebrations are everywhere. You should try desserts, and different meals people usually share, and get to know famous places such Medellín lights show, and the Quimbaya’s festival of candles and lanterns.
What is the best season for whale watching in the pacific ocean?
This is a natural phenomenon that takes place from July to October every year.
Which season is recommended to visit Caño Cristales?
The season to enjoy the beautiful colors of Caño Cristales starts at the beginning of June, and goes until the end of november.
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