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Coffee Cultural Landscape

The Coffee Triangle: where all your dreams come true

Imagine waking up to soft sunlight peering in through your window and the sweet symphonic morning call of birds gently bringing you back to reality. You open your eyes and gaze out the window at the sultry, lush, mountainous spread of vegetation all around you. Clouds lazily hang out, their fluffy presence dotting the clear blue skies. The sweet aroma of freshly ground coffee fills the air and brightly coloured tropical fruits await you for breakfast. Welcome to the tranquility of the Colombian coffee region.

Here you’ll find relaxation, adventure, and a strong sense of cultural belonging. This is the region with many traditional dances and genres of music, where the people are known as “Paisas” and where the majority of Colombia’s produce is grown. It’s a mix of agriculture, traditions, and small city life. Three cities form the business centre of the coffee region: Pereira, Armenia, and Manizales; all three are technically in a different department (similar to state or province) of Colombia but maintain the same geographical region and culture.

So what does one do in this green paradise? You guessed it- coffee tasting! You have innumerable coffee fincas (farms) at your fingertips here, and tours are offered every day. A typical coffee tour will take you around the finca to show you the growing, harvesting, and drying processes, and then lead you to a coffee tasting that usually includes several different methods of brewing and possibly different varieties of beans. Think of it like a brewery tour or a vineyard tour. You’ll get all that fresh country air while you’re at it! Coffee fincas are incredibly pretty and often have a variety of fruit trees and flowers as well. This is a savory experience you won’t want to miss.

Another favorite activity in this region is to enjoy the great outdoors. Here in the midst of several Andes mountain ranges, you have excellent hiking, trekking, camping, fishing, and birdwatching. Cycling is also very popular and the long stretches of highway up through the mountains provide a great workout for anyone looking to keep in shape while traveling. Trek your way through the network of trails in the Nevados National Park or enjoy a day hike in the Cocora Valley, where the tallest palm trees in the world (and coincidentally the national tree of Colombia) tower over farmlands and cloud forests. Landscapes here are dramatic and ever-changing, along with the mountain weather.

Go for a wander around the small traditional towns of the region, which have maintained a lot of their original architecture and have many artisanal shops. Try visiting Marsella, where there is a beautiful cemetery worthy of taking pictures, or Filandia where you can find basketweavers and excellent viewpoints of the valley. In Salento you’ll see many tourist shops open for business: be sure to take a look around and try the traditionally prepared trout for lunch! This region is full of kind, friendly people; Paisas are known around the country for their warmness. You’ll leave with your soul as full as your belly!

Quindio, Caldas y Risaralda
Quindío, Caldas and Risaralda

are the departments that form the coffee triangle. The city of Armenia, capital of the department of Quindío is a magical and homely city, where you may find different plans for all tastes and budgets. Besides, it has a great cultural and hotel offer that will make your visit a unique experience.

Colección Náutica
El Valle del Cócora

is a natural landscape that makes part of the Natural National Park Los Nevados (the snowy mountains) and it is home to the palma de cera (wax palm tree), the national tree of Colombia and a great variety of flora and fauna, much of which is in danger of extinction. Salento is a town of the department of Quindío. It will transport you to the former Colombia where its old colonial style houses will make your trip an experience worthy of remembering.

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El Parque Nacional del Café (Coffee National Park)

is a thematic park located in the village of Pueblo Tapao of the municipality of Montenegro, Quindío and it is a destination that has everything; gardens and a lot of green for walks, breathing fresh air and the fun and adrenaline of its mechanical games. The tours to the coffee growing farms is also an option to live the coffee experience.


the capital of the department of Caldas, that surrounded by mountains stands with great beauty to show its own people and visitors its beautiful coffee plantations, its peculiar steep roads, the imposing Nevado del Ruiz that with great momentum captures the attention of all those who visit this lovely land. The basilica cathedral of Nuestra Señora del Rosario has a neo-gothic style and is one of the obligated destinations to appreciate its history and the magic of its architecture. However, do not stay only in the metropolitan zone; go also to the nearby towns. That will make the difference in your trip, since you may visit the authentic coffee growing farms and getting to know more about the coffee planting, recollection and process.

Pereira la the capital of the department of Risaralda

also known as La Perla del Otún (The Pearl of Otun River), is a magical city that makes everyone that visits not want to leave. It has the beauty of colonial architecture that makes Pereira an ideal destination to enjoy beautiful landscapes and the mixture of traditional coffee culture and the current advances. In this department, there are different plans that range from ecotourism such as the Botanical Garden of Marsella (municipality of the department of Risaralda), the visit to the Otun Lagoon and the obligatory passage to the Santa Rosa de Cabal thermal springs. You can also visit the Ukumarí Biopark where you can find a sample of the natural wealth of fauna and flora of our country. The Art Museum of Pereira hosts different temporary exhibitions for the delight of its own people and visitors. Additionally, the city of Pereira has a wide range of nighttime entertainment with places located in different areas of the city to provide the best service with music for all tastes.


It is inevitable to sigh every time we hear Salento. A place wrapped in unique magic, with picturesque streets that represent its historical and cultural wealth.
This wonderful place is characterized by a colonial style, colorful houses, quiet streets and a variety of crafts and restaurants that make your stay in Salento unforgettable.
To walk through its pedestrian streets while your ears delight to the rhythm of Andean music, as well as doing a whole ordeal over the more than 200 steps to have a spectacular view of the place is something undescriptable.
One of the biggest attractions of the place is called Valle del Cocora, a place where you can only breathe calmness and positive vibes, perfect for walking, clearing your mind, listening to the sound of birds, delighting to the rhythm of its unique landscape and its famous wax palm trees.

Recommended hotels:


– Sonesta Hotel Pereira
– Sazagua Hotel
– Movich Hotel de Pereira
– Hotel Spa La Colina
– Visus Hotel Boutique & Spa
– San Carlos Lodge


– Recinto Del Pensamiento
– Estelar El Cable
– Termales del Otoño
– Termales del Ruiz


– Las Camelias Hotel Campestre
– Hotel Mocawa Resort
– Finca el Delirio

Recommended restaurants.


– La Fogata 1963 Avenida Bolívar 14 #Norte 39, Armenia, Quindío
– Capriccio Trattoria Calle 17 Norte #11-70 Nogales
– Estación paraíso Km 10 vía aeropuerto El Edén


– La Mojiteria Cl. 4 ## 5-54, Salento, Quindío


– Bakkho Calle 41 27 56 | Calarca, Armenia 630003, Colombia +57 314 8888647


– Estación gourmet Parque del Café, Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia


– Mamá Flor Cl 11 15-12 Los Alpes
– Portobello Carrera 15 # 11-50 los Alpes, Pereira, Colombia
– Mesón Español Calle 14 #25-57
– Leños & Parrilla Carrera 12 # 2-78, Barrio: Popular Modelo
– Restaurante Sumo Cra. 13 #12-59, Pereira


– Coffee National Park
– National Park Los Nevados
– The Thermal Springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal
– The Municipality of Salento in Quindio
– Panaca Park
– Ukumarí Biopark
– The Botanical Garden of Quindío
– Los Arrieros Park
– Recuca
– Balsaje by La Vieja River

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