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Medellín, Colombia

Colombia is Nature

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USD 1877* / person

Rate from USD 1877* 10 nights 11 days, current rate until there are no more spaces. see conditions.

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Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world. The country can be divided into five biogeographical regions, each of them with different landscapes, flora, and fauna. The protected areas of the country serve as areas for scientific research, but are also used to relax and enjoy what makes the country unique. From the Amazon jungle to the humid Pacific Ocean, from the flatlands of Llanos Orientales to the high, snowy mountain peaks of the Andes, and from the tropical forests to the desert in La Guajira, Colombia has unique ecosystems and landscapes for everyone. Small boutique hotels, cabins, and ecolodges are among the available accommodations in these locations. Our current itineraries are organized having in mind details such as heritage interpretation, bilingual tour guides, and relaxing experiences.

Look what this plan offers you

Description of the plan
What’s included?

Private transfer in – out at every destination.
3 nights of accommodation Superior Hotel in Medellín with breakfast.
3 nights of accommodation in Nuquí Ecolodge Hotel – full meals
2 nights of accommodation Superior Hotel Leticia – Breakfast and dinner.
1 night of accommodation Ecolodge Marashá Breakfast and dinner.
1 night of accommodation Superior hotel Bogotá. Breakfast.
All the activities mentioned in the itinerary.
Bilingual tour guides at every destination.
Travel insurance card.

What’s excluded?

Personal expenses and tips.
Fee entrance to Nuquí COP 8.000
Returning tax in Nuqui COP 10.000
Fee entrance to Leticia COP 30.000
Internal flights (Please ask your travel agent)
VAT (Only for Colombians) Ask your travel agent for details.

Day 1: Arrival.

Arrival to Medellín and transfer to the Hotel.

Day 2 - Guatapé - Surroundings of Antioquia.

In the morning, after a 2 hour drive through the mountains of Antioquia you will find El Peñol Boulder, as one of the most spectacular destinations in the surrounding area of Medellín. The 200-meter- high monolith can be climbed via a staircase of 740 steps. Enjoy breath-taking views over the stunning surroundings full of green mountains and blue lakes. In the afternoon you will visit the village of Guatapé, famous for its church and its beautiful colorful paintings that decorate the houses of the village. On this day trip you will take a scenic drive through the eastern highlands of Antioquia. You can climb the Peñol boulder, and enjoy a delicious typical Colombian lunch on the waterfront of the Guatapé reservoir. Then, explore the lake on a gentle boat ride and take some time to stroll around and relax.

Day 3 : Pacific Ocean.

Transfer to airport to get the charter flight to Nuquí. The Colombian Pacific coast should be called the jewel of Colombia, as there are few places on earth with such biodiversity. This place owes its deep green jungle to the yearly amount of rain that it receives. The wild tropical location provides virgin forests and beaches. Every year, it becomes a magical place where the biggest mammals on earth come looking for warm waters to give birth to their whale calves. The flirting whales, along with their playful babies, are the main attraction between July and October. Nuquí is one of the places that welcomes the gentle giants. This place is not only unique due to the nearly untouched natural surroundings, but also because of the strong traditions that come from Africa and remain amongst the current population. Among these traditions, rhythms like Currulao, Guasá and El Aguabajo provide the base of local music that seems to harmonize with the singing of the whales. To visit this place is to step back in time, where no internet, electricity, or telecommunications exist. People live off the ocean and the surrounding exotic natural environment. With their ancestral African traditions, they have preserved and survived the adversities that have arisen since they escaped from their Europeans slave owners during the period of colonization. Here, technology and modern ways of living are not a priority. The locals prefer their interaction and symbiosis with the ocean and the various lifeforms that it hosts. Such a harmonic place deserves to be appreciated by the those who are seeking tranquility and relaxation while immersed in nature’s wonders.

Day 4.

Enjoy the hotel facilities. At a predetermined time, walk around the area with native tour guides who will explain the wonders of the area. One of the short excursions takes you to a local town called Termales where medicinal hot springs will welcome you. You can take advantage of this opportunity to interact with the community and learn how they have adapted to the local ecosystem, as well as practice international sports like surfing.

Day 5.

Enjoy the hotel facilities. Then, visit one of the most stunning waterfalls in the area called Cascada del Amor, where you can swim in natural pools of refreshing water. The area is surrounded by relaxing sounds of nature where you may view different birds, spider monkeys, and even some reptiles, among others.

Day 6 : Medellín, city of flowers.

Boat ride to the Nuqui airport and fly to Medellín. In the afternoon, visit the small village of San Elena, located in the hills of Medellín. This town is home to a great variety of traditional flower farmers. The flower arrangements of the flower festival (Feria de las Flores) called “Silletas” have an impressive history, and are today a cultural symbol of Medellín. On this tour you visit an organic flower farm and experience the horticulture of Santa Elena. Transfer to the Hotel and rest.

Day 7 : Amazon jungle.

In the morning transfer to the airport and fly to Leticia, the capital city of the big Amazon jungle, where countless animals live and share their habitat with humans. When the sun goes down, the sky in Leticia transforms into a beautiful stadium where thousands of birds perform a concert. Familiarize yourself with the main attractions of the city and different indigenous handicrafts. Back in the hotel, you can enjoy the facilities, have a delicious dinner, and rest.

Day 8 : Marasha Reserve

After breakfast the journey through the Amazon river starts, by taking a motorboat for about 40 minutes up the river and crossing the border into Peru. In this side of the jungle you will go to Milagro de Marashá natural reserve, where deep jungle surrounds the area. Here there is a big Maloka (shelter) floating on a lake, where you will stay overnight. You will have the incredible opportunity to appreciate some of the unique flora and fauna. At night, take a guided walking tour through the jungle accompanied by the captivating sounds and fascinating aromas, with the possibility of sighting a rare species of alligator.

Day 9: Puerto Nariño

Walk back to the Amazon river, and board a motorboat again to visit Monkey Island, where a bunch of playful monkeys can be seen in their natural habitat. Following this entertaining experience you will interact with the people of Tikunas de Macedonia (an indigenous community), learning some of their ancestral knowledge and their perception of society. In the afternoon the Tarapoto lakes provide the perfect setting for dolphin watching. Here, a large population of dolphins from the Amazon River live. The nearest town of Puerto Nariño is another must-see in the jungle, where not having vehicles is the rule. Transfer back to Leticia, and stay overnight at Waira Suites Hotel.

Day 10: Bogotá

Breakfast, enjoy some time off in town to buy souvenirs or do a bit more wandering, and transfer to the airport to fly to Bogotá. Day off to rest in Bogotá.

Day 11.

Transfer to Airport.

plan conditions
Terms and Conditions
For the cancellation or modification of each of the reserved rooms, there is a period of 90 calendar days before the arrival of the passengers, exempting them from any penalty. For reservations cancelled between 89 to 30 calendar days before the arrival of the passengers, 50% of the value of the booked package is charged, according to the number of people and the chosen plan. Any cancellations of the booked rooms, which are made during the last 29 calendar days before the arrival of the passengers, will be charged for the entire amount of the cancelled reservation, according to the number of people and the booked plan. No reservation is refundable. If you comply with the cancellation dates you can reactivate your plan within the next 12 months, taking into account that it will be subjected to availability and rates. After the start of the trip there might be changes in the accommodation. Hotels reserve the right to make changes according to their own policies. Any force majeure will be treated according to medical services (emergency events, incapacities, or hospitalization). These documents have to be issued by legal institutions for healthcare. In case of death of one of the passengers or a family member in the first degree of consanguinity, a death certificate has to be presented. Any certification that is presented must match the travel dates. CHECK IN: The time for the guest to get access to the hotel room, which will be specified in the details of the reservation. CHECK OUT: The maximum time for the room delivery on the departure day, which will be specified in the details of the reservation. EARLY CHECK IN: It is understood as the possibility to receive access to the room earlier than the stipulated time, this service is subject to availability and may have an additional cost. LATE CHECK OUT: It is understood as the room deivering later than the stipulated time, this service is subject to availability and, may have an additional cost.

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